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Slides, polls, video and audio from April 2 online conference: Everything you need to know about Online Conferencing

We just wrapped up our 4th digital conference – this one was about … online conferencing:) See details below. We received very good feedback and learned a lot! Have a look at the polls below. You can now download the entire video and audio recordings of this event here (WeTransfer)

Edited version, via Zoom
Audio only version

Zoom page link: Everything you need to know about Online Conferencing, with Gerd Leonhard, Antoni Lacinai and Åsa Degermark (The Futures Agency)

A digital conference with Antoni Lacinai and Gerd Leonhard and Åsa Degermark, plus other special guests, presented by The Futures Agency. More details on Antoni. Antoni Lacinai is an MC and an international Keynote speaker on workplace communication. One of his 12 published books is about Virtual meetings where he shares concrete tips on how to run engaging and effective digital meetings. In this joint session with Gerd, he will share his top ten tips on how to involve, inspire and educate through online conferences.

Åsa Degermark is a senior communications specialist, key note speaker and twice award winner for producing online conferences and corporate live broadcasts. She will share her key insights of what makes it successful and how you need to prepare differently.





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