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Will Europe be UNITED or BROKEN by the corona-crisis?


Will Europe be UNITED or BROKEN by the corona-crisis?

I believe the EU will live up to the challenge

Read this, below, from my 12 post-corona bullets post:

Post-Corona, ‘strong-man’ and populist politicians harking back to a vanished past will be ousted or simply ignored, and a new generation of foresightful leaders (millennials and females) will take their place. Yet at the same time, some autocratic regimes will seek to expand their power over their citizens using the crisis as an excuse for maintaining dragonian surveillance measures. Thus, Covid19 may fuel facilitate the spread of authoritarianism – if such a tendency existed before the crisis. Post-Corona, the European Union is forced (as well as politically authorised) to think and act as a united region – the United States of Europe will emerge much quicker than anticipated, and the USofE will once again work much closer with a post-Trump USA.

Watch my post-corona video below (just hit PLAY)

The EU's new coronavirus relief deal is a gift to Europe's enemies says Yanis Varoufakis

(there are those that' don't agree:)

“The only way out of this trap is for the new debt not to fall on the weak shoulders of the most indebted eurozone countries but to be shared across the eurozone. Except that this debt-sharing is banned by the treaties that created the eurozone, at the insistence of the northern european countries running a trade surplus with the rest”

read more via The Guardian

Germany needs to reassess its relationship between the state, society and the economy, said ex-finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble

“He also warned against the idea that government bailouts alone could save the economy, adding that “we will experience structural changes in the economy, society and politics… There is this sense … at the moment of a growing feeling that we can solve every problem through unlimited state funds, and we will get the economy going again with a stimulus package,” he said. “The state cannot replace revenue in the long run.”

read more via DW

The coronavirus could tear the EU apart (

“With countries like Italy and Greece still recovering from the lingering effects of the eurozone crisis, the coronavirus pandemic is taking another heavy toll on their domestic economies. This could not only widen the economic disparity between Europe’s northern and southern countries, but, depending on how long the pandemic lasts, could lead to a new eurozone crisis, Lehne warned. This would turn the EU into some kind of a transfer union, where the countries in the North would have to permanently fund those in the South, which some believe are not fiscally responsible,” he said. “I think this is the most important dividing line at the moment.”


German chancellor Merkel says EU faces its biggest test with coronavirus

“In my view, Europe, the European Union is facing the biggest test since its foundation,” Merkel said. “We have a big health challenge that is impacting all member states however differently.”  Via Reuters


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