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This may be my best virtual keynote so far: The Great Transformation – our future (for LinkedIn Latam)

MUST WATCH… and please share. This is the complete 1080p / HD recording of my keynote at LinkedIn Latam's Blue Room event on June 22, 2020, featuring my new, fully immersive virtual background presentation style.

Data was the new oil – but now data can also be the new plutonium (i.e. it can be used as a weapon). Artificial intelligence would be better named as Intelligent Assistance (IA). Digital Ethics remains a top priority for marketers and brands. Social media is facing a global trust crisis. If you have nothing to hide… you are probably not human. Remote everything is the new normal but human-to-human interactions are becoming more valuable than ever before. Too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing. When AI meets HI (human intelligence), business as usual is over.

This event was produced by Living Brands for LinkedIn Latam. Thanks to both for making this video available!

Listen 🙂

Download the low-res mp4 480p (mobile-ready)





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