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New Video: Futurist Gerd Leonhard Q&A Session at IEEE Global Conference on AI and IoT Dec 13 2020

This was a great event and we will publish the entire keynote on my Youtube channel in a few days as well; be sure to subscribe and hit the ‘notify me' – bell on YT:))

This is the edited recording of my public q&a session at the IEEE Global Conference on AI and IoT in Dubai (virtually) on Dec 13 2020 see Thanks to the IEEE for inviting me! Culture eats technology for breakfast. The story of the future should not be dominated by Silicon Valley / Big Tech but by civil society. Technology drives our societies but Ethics defines it. Technology is not what we seek but how we seek. We need to move beyond GDP, towards People Planet Purpose and Prosperity. The key question is not ‘what will the future bring' but ‘what kind of future do we want'. Do we want to live in a world where technology is the PURPOSE or even the religion…or just the tool. We will release the recording of my entire keynote at this event in a few days, as well!

Audio-only version:

Some images used in my keynote at this event:





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