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“A conversation about The Good Future”: new Video now with ENG, PT, ES and FR subtitles

We tried something entirely new and recorded a powerful, personal conversation on how we can design what I call “The Good Future”. This very special video is now available with subtitles in 4 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. It was shot in my living room / lounge in Zurich / Switzerland, in a conversation with my producer. In the video I explore some themes ahead of my next film (which will be shot in the beautiful Lanzarote in May this year, see below), including what a ‘Good Future' could look like, and how we could realize it, touching on climate change, capitalism and my ‘People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity‘ memes.

Lanzarote, Canary Islands – View from Haria down to the famous Famara beach
With English subtitles
With Portuguese subtitles
With Spanish subtitles
With French subtitles

The subtitled versions of the video are also available on Vimeo (where you can download them as well) and you can listen to the Audio version (English only) on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, and Spotify.

While we're getting “The Good Future” film ready, you may want to read up on some of the related subjects I've been approaching in my last book,  “Technology vs Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine” which readers have taken to calling “A Welcome Rebuttal Of The Hype From The Singularity Crowd” . The book is now available both as an audiobook and a free podcast version of the first 3 chapters is now available in EnglishSpanish, and Portuguese on all major audiobook and podcasting platforms. Alternatively, you can buy it directly from my author store here or on any audiobook platform, such as Audible (by the way, Audible has a free one-month trial if you have never tried Audible). 





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