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How to nurture a Future Mindset: highlights from recent virtual keynotes by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

Covid-19 has made the bad things worse and the good things better – the crisis has amplified what was there before. It has exponentially accelerated the role of science and technology in our lives, creating an even bigger urgency to address the relationship between humans and machines.

NEW UPDATE: A ‘Future Mindset Training' on YouTube, 17th of January, 2022 (with live Q&A) – also on Vimeo.

UPDATED Nov 8 2021: A new video on the Future Mindset was just released today, see below!

In these videos below (now available on YouTube with different language captions – just click on the link in the video), I discuss how to develop and nurture a Future Mindset and how to get ready for the Future of Work. The videos are time-coded so you can dive right into the quoted high-lights (or, of course, just watch the entire thing).

Humans are NOT exponential
Whatever is easy for a computer is hard for a human, and vice versa
Thinking Machines?
The End of Routine is near
A future mindset: beyond ‘normal'

You can also listen to this entire keynote on my Soundcloud channel.

And here's a related quote from an article published last week, by News Wise and Thunderbird School, based on some references from my book “Technology vs Humanity”:

The pandemic has forced all of us to appreciate how much we rely on 21st-century technologies—artificial intelligence, the internet of things, social media, digital learning platforms, augmented and virtual reality, drones, 3D printing and so much more—to keep us healthy and to transform economies. The unprecedented context is simultaneously driving us to become far more reliant on breakthrough digital, biological and physical technologies and far more inventive about how we can use these emerging technologies to create value in new ways. 

News Wise “City Digitalization & Innovation Agendas Beyond COVID-19”

I believe we have all the tools to build a good future – but we must make the right decisions, today.

One of the videos from the “What to expect for 2021″ series

Some advice on how to nurture your “Future Mindset”





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