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Must-read on moonshot thinking in Medical / Life-Sciences (via The Economist)

“An RNA vaccine against any disease is a message written in genetic code: a vaccine against malaria, or some form of cancer, can be made in the same way and with the same equipment as a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. If this provides a platform for getting cells to do all sorts of specific things and to desist from others, as it promises to, medicine will become both more powerful and more personal. Therapies tailored to rare, even one-off, genetic abnormalities should become routine.”

The Economist: “Bright side of the moonshots”

“The spate of data, experiments and insights has had profound effects on the pandemic—and, indeed, on the future of medicine. It is also an inspiration. Around the world, scientists have put aside their own work in order to do their bit against a common foe. Jealously guarded lab space has been devoted to the grunt work of processing tests.” Read more

The Economist: “Bright side of the moonshots”





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