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Here is my ELF Policy Paper on the Future of Europe: Capitalism, Technology and Sustainability

It was a great pleasure to contribute a virtual keynote at the European Liberal Forum, on March 20, 2021 and today I am delighted to be able to share my new Policy Paper “The Next Ten Years: How Europe Can Shape and Create a Good Future“, also published by ELF.

“This policy paper argues that in this crucial moment we, Europeans, need to develop a new operating system that would reflect our European values and priorities for the future. It outlines the key guiding principles of this system, in particular regarding the interplay between humans and technologies, and ends with suggestions for policymakers.”

ELF-2021 Futurist Gerd Leonhard Policy Paper download here

“We are now at the point of take-off for exponential change. In the next 10 years, things once considered science fiction will become science fact, from augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AI) to quantum computing. As a result, we will undergo more change over the next decade than we have in the last century. While daunting, this also creates incredible opportunities because we have the chance to lay the foundation for what I call “The Good Future.”

You can download my Policy paper on the ELF website (or below)

My Keynote at ELF

In the keynote above, I comment on the Covid-19 “Infodemic” and what it means for the future of (social) media and technology regulation, describe what challenges to our economic and social models may emerge and how to address them. I outline my key ‘definitive future’ foresights such as the End of Oil and the coming decarbonization, the dawning ‘human renaissance‘ and the imminent action on global warming. I also present my ‘preferred futures’ such as a sustainable capitalism (aka people planet purpose and prosperity), the rise of digital ethics and the dawn of a new multilateralism.

The Audio Version is available on my SoundCloud channel

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