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My new film “The Good Future”

I just got back from beautiful Lanzarote where we were shooting my new film “The Good Future”. The wind was blowing in a typical Canary Islands fashion but thanks to the amazing team we still shot some really awesome footage.

Below is a brand-new trailer that gives you an idea where we are going with this – exclusive preview for my readers!

Why “The Good Future”? These days it seems that no matter where you look the future is not so bright: Hollywood and Netflix keep telling us dystopian stories, and news are presenting evidence of impending demise around the clock.  We will have more pandemics, more climate disasters, more clueless CEOs and politicians, and more social unrest – and of course the robots will take our jobs before harvesting our bodies for energy.

But despite all of that there is hope! This film aims to tell the story of The Good Future. I believe in a future where the power of human ingenuity, science and technology solves our biggest problems. I also believe that humans are basically kind and capable of collaboration (read ‘human kind' by Rutger Bregman! ) – even if they can be easily distracted:)

But we are running out of time because the future is arriving faster than we think. In fact it is already here, we just haven't paid enough attention yet. Science fiction is becoming science fact. We are at a fork in the road. The next 10 years will bring more change than the previous 100 years.

I believe that humans are kind, in principle”

We must make the right decisions now if we want a good future.

Here is a brand-new presentation on ‘The Good Future' using the pretty cool mmhmm app

Explaining “The Good Future” using the new “mmhmm” app

Watch more on “the Good Future” on Vimeo





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