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Here are the best of Futurist & Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard’s subtitled or dubbed keynotes

Back in mid 2020, as the world was locking down due to Covid19, I started working on my new, virtual presentation-style – and it quickly became what I now (only half-jokingly) call ‘keynote television‘. Using immersive backgrounds, audio, video and animations – going way beyond screen-sharing and the usual slideshow stuff – allowed me to make a difference for many clients and in widely different situations around the globe, without leaving my studio in Zurich. Here's a shot from my studio (that was 6 months ago… you should see it now!).

Btw, I started doing online talks as early as 8 years ago btw – but back then, almost no clients were interested!

Gerd's home studio

Despite all that geeky stuff, I am also super-excited (albeit still very careful, too) to go back to large real-life aka ‘meat-space' events, as well – nothing beats an actual audience and palpable emotions!

My audience has dramatically expanded in the past 2 years, and has grown particularly in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Russia, and Latin-America in general. Hence, in this post I want to share some of my recent events recorded with subtitled (or dubbed) versions in Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Check out my YT playlist here to view more talks dubbed in Turkish, Greek, Korean and Italian !

Live on stage at IAA Mobility 2021

IAA Mobility 2021, on September 9th, marked my return to the real-life stage and the launch of a new core topic – the DDR (digitization, decarbonisation and reformation). In this hard-hitting and wide-ranging IAA talk I outline the next 10 years in the mobility, transportation, and automotive industries. You can download it all via Vimeo!

First, deep and wide-ranging digitization (the Game-Changers and the Megashifts). Cars are no longer just a product, they are a service and (hopefully) an experience. Then, dramatic decarbonization across the entire MaaS food-chain – a huge challenge, for sure, but also the biggest opportunity in the next 2 decades. Lastly, the total REFORMATION of our economic logic, from a focus on GDP, profit, and growth, to a more holistic focus on People, Planet, Purpose, and Prosperity. This will impact every player in this industry, globally as ‘purpose becomes the new product' and ‘green is the new digital'. All in all, I think the future is better than we think – and for the big players in mobility, I think the opportunities far outweigh the challenges.

Portuguese subtitles – watch the full subtitled version here
Spanish subtitles – watch the full subtitled version here
Spanish subtitles – watch the full subtitled version here
Portuguese subtitles – watch the full subtitled version here

‘A Brave New World' keynote was the header of an engagement I recently had in Moscow. The past 18 months have greatly accelerated the change process around the world. We are talking not only about medicine but also about other social policy issues. Here, I talk about what is likely to happen, what technologies will appear, and how we will live and work. See the dubbed version in Russian below.

English version here

Back in July this year, it was a great pleasure giving a keynote and talking (virtually) to the Portuguese telecom and mobile provider NOS, where I spoke about 5G, digitization, digital ethics, and more. Their team just published a nice summary of our q&a session. This, below, is their compilation with Portuguese subtitles.

My keynote at the 2021 H.Eco forum, Seoul (virtual with Korean subtitles), where I spoke about the end of oil and circular economy.

At the Hamburger IT Strategie Tage '21 (virtual talk in German with YouTube captions available in English), I spoke about the future mindset and Covid- 19 as a dramatic accelerator of the things that were already there before (good or bad), such as digital transformation and the global decarbonization of our economy and society.

Updated 18th November 2021

More recently, in this hard-hitting excerpt from my keynote for the Chilean Telecom Company Entel and the Catholic University of Chile (held remotely of course:) I outlined why I think the future is better than we tend to think.

Spanish subtitles – watch the Q&A session here

And this is my keynote at Mundira Begira 2021 in Bilbao, Spain, Nov 10, 2021 – A look at where the world is heading (Spanish Dub)

English version here

As you may know, my best-selling book ‘Technology vs. Humanity‘ is available in multiple languages. You can get it as an e-book or audio-book here. The paperback version is also available on Amazon.





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