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Futurist Gerd Leonhard collabores with CIANDT on ‘Break’ series: short content experiences to make you think.


Gerd Leonhard collaboration with CI&T

'BREAK - Short content experiences to make your tomorrow'.

‘BREAK is a content project that sheds light on technology, taking multiple pathways to dive deep into technology themes with global specialists and thinkers.’ Find out more

With this content project, CI&T invites interested people to take a short break and educate themselves on the future of technology, helping to develop what Gerd calls a ‘future mindset‘. The project invites several futurists and thinkers to chip in with short keynotes on the different aspects of technology, while the user is guided by an AI (bot) through the content.

Gerd was one of the futurist speakers featured, talking about humanism in the age of digital and how to create a good future  (watch Gerd’s film TheGoodFuture and more on ‘The Good Future’ in Gerd’s special presentation below, using the cool mmhmm app.

Here are some of the graphics you can see on Gerd's talk.

Watch Gerd’s short talk on CI&T BREAK.


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