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The Future Mindset: BEYOND digital transformation. 4 excerpts from my virtual keynote at ENTEL (ES subs)

It was my pleasure to be a guest of ENTEL and the Catholic University of Chile for this virtual talk in October 2021. Right now many people are worried and apprehensive about the future and there's a strong perception that the Future will not be good. I think this is understandable but I'm much more excited about the future; and in these videos I explain why the future is better than we think.

English version here

Some of the key memes from this talk (English version, no subtitles, here on YT)

The more we connect the more we must protect what makes us human.

We will have all the tools (science and technology) but will we have the telos?

All politicians and public officials should have a ‘driver's license for the future

Green is the New Digital!

Another key topic for this keynote was the Future Mindset: The future is not a time-frame, it's a MINDSET.

“Technology is morally neutral until we use it”

NEW: Below is the complete recording of the q&a session that followed my keynote for Entel Chile and the Catholic University of Chile, with Chilean Journalist Elena Dressel, pondering questions such as:

  • In a hyper-technological world how can we embrace technology instead of becoming technology?
  • How do we protect what makes us human? Is this issue why the collaboration between public and private institutions and academic is so important?
  • Can you name the three key elements of this new mindset you talk about?
English version here

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