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The Future of Democracy: Gerdtalks #5. The video and the slides (Futurist Gerd Leonhard)

These days, democracy seems increasingly under fire – declining globally – and stability is threatened by autocrats. What's next for Democracy?

This was the topic for GerdTalks episode 5. GerdTalks a new bi-weekly live-stream video show usually kicking off with Gerd's 15-minute presentations followed by a live Q&A, with questions and comments directly from the audience, using Youtube and LinkedIn chat functions and Twitter comments.

The shows live-stream on 7 platforms including Youtube and LinkedIn and Twitter. Find more about the previous episodes and sign up for the next ones:

You can watch GerdTalks #5 on the Future of Democracy on the video below or download it from Vimeo here.

Listen to the audio version on SoundCloud, Apple Podcast, Amazon Podcast or Spotify

Here are some of the slides used on the show.

You can download the full slide deck used by Gerd on the show here.





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