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Join me for Gerdtalks #12 on August 1st: Why there is hope, and how The Good Future is possible.

A special Gerdtalks show with Aline Frankfort, Shapership Leader, Visiting Professor, Club Of Rome Member: Why there is hope for the future! SIGN UP here – it's free!

We live in what I have started calling the Perma-Change World, and lately an increasingly pessimistic view of the future and a strange new hopelessness seems to prevail – especially among the Gen Z & Y generations (see Gallup chart below). There are many reasons for this – beyond Covid-19 or the Russia/Ukraine war – but one reason may also be that the narrative about the future is dominated either by Big Tech (Meta, Google, IBM, Amazon, Baidu etc) or by Hollywood (or rather “StreamyWood” i.e. Netflix et al). 

It seems to either involve technology saving us (while we, the non-exponential, lame humans, must then merge with it), or technology enslaving us (as in the various black-mirror type dystopias).

Aline and me think this is a lousy way to look at the future, and we think a more ‘protopian‘ approach is much better suited for society, and for shaping our future. We also believe that how we look at the future is existential – as futurist Barbara Hubbard liked to say: ‘As we see the future so we act; as we act so we become'.

Aline and me have worked together on several occasions in the past, and are joining forces again for this special GerdTalk episode. Both of us have developed strong arguments to back up our assertion ‘why the future is better than we think‘, why there is reason for hope, and why optimism is so important. 

Riffing off Antonio Gramsci's meme of “Pessimism of the intellect, and optimism of the mind“, I will first present my views on why there is hope, and why the Good Future is a likely protopia, followed by a talk by Aline on where she finds her resolve on shaping a Good Future. 

After this we will take questions from the audience via the Youtube, Twitch / Twitter and LinkedIn chats. FINAL URLS WILL BE SHARED HERE THE DAY BEFORE THE EVENT (also via email, if you sign up)

JOIN VIA LINKEDIN (and click here to register)

Aline is a Mind-opener, expert and Invited professor in creative thinking and strategic innovation, Narrative Practionner, Artist, co-author the book “Shapership, the Art of Shaping the Future”, and a Full Member of the Club of Rome. Her passion is The Art of Reperception, i.e generating “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action”.

She helps people and teams reframe their mental maps, reinvent themselves and actively Shape their Futures. She has 25+ years of experience with organizations of all sizes and fields of activity.

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