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The Metaverse: Good or Evil? Introducing a brand-new and exciting speaker package with Futurists Calum Chace and Gerd Leonhard

I really like Calum Chace's work on AI and the future of technology (and of course, his books) but I don't agree on most of his conclusions on how we are going to build what I call The Good Future.

One of our most contentious topics is the Metaverse (or rather, what I call the MetaPERverse): Calum thinks is going to be a big deal, and beneficial to humanity, and I think it's mostly Zuck's final fantasy, Silicon-Valley hype at its best, and potentially 100x worse than social media (which has turned into a menace, by and large).

Yet Calum and me are good friends, regardless of our opinions, and we have done a lot of speaking work together (have a look at our transhumanist debate here and our EPFL gig here). So now you can book the 2 of us, together, to deliver an unforgettable Metaverse debate, virtually as well as on-location!

Just submit a request and we shall reply swiftly, or ping us via

You can watch our previous Metaverse-related talks below (or all of mine, here).





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