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Here is the video from my very special GerdTalks live-stream show on ChatGPT January 30, 2023

NOTE: This announcement text below was actually written by ChatGPT, as well (with some human modifications by myself), and the amazing Sudowrite was used for finetuning the overall text.

The world seems to be on the brink of a seismic shift, as businesses and individuals alike are starting to tap into Generative AI models like Dalle-2, ChatGPT and its counterparts. You may call them ‘stochastic parrots‘ (I often do) yet ChatGPT can effectively mimic human conversations and churn out unique texts that have a disturbingly human-like quality.

Already being implemented in customer service, content creation, paper-writing, coding etc, these models seem poised to revolutionize the internet as we know it – with Google entering ‘Red Alert' and Microsoft planning to invest $1 Billion into OpenAI. But the implications for society are equally colossal. Where is this going, and how will it help to create what I call ‘The Good Future'?

Many questions arise:

ChatGPT's potential to perpetuate bias has sparked concern. It is trained on internet text that may include biased or deceptive info. This raises worries about its use in education, employment, law enforcement, and healthcare. A very controversial aspect of ChatGPT is its potential to be used to generate deepfake texts. ‘Deepfake' refers to the generation of text that appears to be written by a human but is actually generated by a machine, and should therefore be designated as such.

As the technology behind ChatGPT (and especially its next version, GTP4) and other language models advances, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish between text written by a human and text generated by a machine. The potential implications of deepfake text in areas such as politics, journalism, and social media are quite worrisome, as ChatGPT could be used to quickly and convincingly spread misinformation and disinformation, unduly influencing public opinion and elections.

In this GerdTalks episode I probe into the depths of ChatGPT with an investigative eye, scrutinizing whether it brings forth good or ill (or both). I consider the profound effects on society and business, and then power through with my findings on how to use ChatGPT to deliver glimpses into #TheGoodFuture.

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