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Is this the next chapter in the evolution of the web? The moon-landing moment for AI? Or… the Napster Moment?

Latest update: May 5 2023

Thanks to the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (specifically Deep Learning), generative models such as Dall-E2 and ChatGPT (both powered by OpenAI) can now produce unique images as well as texts with an uncanny human-like quality, often indistinguishable from what a human would have written.

Already utilised in areas such as customer service and content-writing, generative text-based AIs like ChatGPT seem poised to transform the web – and our society. Google, Baidu and Microsoft are pouring billions of dollars into OpenAI; and MSFT’s Bing is now armed with ChatGPT. 

Huge new revenue streams are emerging yet the ramifications for society are of even larger magnitude. Will generative AI be collectively beneficial, and will it help us achieve what Futurist Gerd Leonhard calls ‘The Good Future‘?

Tough questions about digital ethics, responsibility, control and accountability are everywhere. In a world where AI language models will increasingly be used to generate news articles and social media posts, the potential for well-disguised mistakes, bias, and disinformation looms large. If we’re not careful, its pitfalls could be like social media’s – but 500x as bad. And what about those stochastic parrots?

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