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My studio tools and some tech tips for video recording and live-streaming

Many people have asked how I produce my online keynote videos and my live-streams, and what kind of gear I use. But first, I have to admit that while I like to geek out and try a lot of stuff in my studio, most of the hard work – editing and production stuff – is done by my team – it's a full-time job:))

Basically, I make my videos using the amazing Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K camera, and the very affordable but quite capable Sony Z1 and plus an older Canon DSLR, plus a variety of webcams such as the Konftel and several iPhones. Audio is recorded with 2 wireless Rode-Link film-maker kits (directly to cameras), and an AKG USB Mic Essential Kit as backup.

I use two 2021 MacBooks (one for streaming, one for the keynote files that run behind me), and 2+ iPads for monitoring, plus a teleprompter kit in front of the Blackmagic camera (for the live show). All of that stuff is connected (via HDMI and USB) to my amazing Yolo Box Pro (I have 2 of them, plus the Yolo Instream for the pretty rare Instagram stuff I do) but usually only use one) which I can use to stream directly to YT or LinkedIn etc; or to feed my output to the really amazing Restream platform (this is where my team does all the live-show overlays and effects etc), or of course to Zoom, Teams etc.

My studio is green-screened with 1 large Manfrotto screen and 2 Elgato Green Screens, and 6+ lights (for me as well as for the green screens), mostly Aputure stuff.

Among other tools I also use a really great online video tool called to do quick edits of my videos, add subtitles, translate subtitles and much more. Here are the links:

Video compressor

mp4 compressor

online video editor

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