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The World by 2030: Announcing a new weekly livestream show with Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Anton Musgrave

I am super-excited to announce “The World by 2030”, a weekly Live-Stream show that presents our views on the next 7 years, together with my good friend and amazing futurist colleague Anton Musgrave, Founder of Future World (Capetown, South Africa).

Together, Anton and me have a combined experience of over 50 years as entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, advisors, investors, creators and of course as futurists. We sure have a lot of stories to tell!

We will share our insights and foresights on what the world will look like by 2030. Every show starts with a brand-new pre-recorded conversation followed by LIVE q&a chats with the audience… and we will feature live guests on video, soon, as well!

Next week, April 10, 2023, at 6pm CET we will livestream the 2nd episode on the topic of Humans & Machines: HI/AI, Work and Jobs. It's a hard-hitting and thoughtful conversation. You can join via LinkedIn, Youtube (be sure to hit the notify me bell) and via Twitter (yes, it's free, and no registration is required – but you can sign up on the LinkedIn Live page to receive updates).

Please feel free ask questions via chat, and / or email me to join us as a guest on live video.

April 10 2023!

AI is certainly the #1 topic right now, following the ‘iPhone Moment' of OpenAI's ChatGPT launch, and the latest launches of Bing, Bard and many others. We will discuss the future of humans & machines, HI & AI, what it all means for work and jobs, and education & learning. A riveting conversation followed by live q&a !

Embedded below is the complete episode 1 (April 3, 2023). In this introductory show we talked about what it means to be a Futurist, what our future work with clients actually entails, and what the differences between South Africa and Europe might be. Download it on Vimeo

Other resources:

Vimeo version of the conversation with SPANISH subtitles

Vimeo version with PORTUGUESE Subtitles

Youtube version with GERMAN subtitles





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