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Gerd Leonhard’s Keynote: AI & the Future of Business – Fortinet Convergence2023 in Monaco

Fortinet Convergence 23

What an experience! Using 7 LED screens on this amazing stage. I spoke on artificial intelligence and the future of business, commerce and society, which also included the good future and the 4 P's – People, planet, purpose, and prosperity.

A powerful talk on the impact and future of artificial intelligence, discussing the evolution and the potential of AI, the risk of artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence, and the need for regulatory bodies overseeing the development and application of AGI. I emphasize the necessity to keep humanity at the forefront of all AI-related decisions and warns about the implications of becoming too reliant on technology. I also share mythoughts about a prosperous future, which can be achieved if technology serves to complement, not replace, human capabilities.

00:00 Introduction and Personal Background 00:15 Exploring the Concept of Artificial Intelligence 00:44 The Intersection of Humans and Machines 01:14 The Good Future: Building a Better World 01:33 The Power of AI in Cybersecurity 01:54 The Era of Perma Change 02:14 The Impact of Geopolitical Changes 02:27 The Role of Technology in Solving Global Issues 02:54 The Influence of AI in Popular Culture 03:06 The Optimistic View of the Future 03:46 The Role of Optimism in Shaping the Future 03:59 The Good Future: A Film Exploration 04:49 The Three Waves of Change: Climate Change, AI, and Synthetic Technology 05:59 The Doors of Opportunity: Climate Change and AI 08:41 The Impact of Technology on Various Industries 11:06 The Three Revolutions: Digital, Sustainable, and Purpose 12:55 The Potential Dangers of Uncontrolled Technology 14:44 Understanding the Nature of AI 15:53 Understanding Machine Intelligence 16:17 The Power of Custom GPT and Protein Folding 17:18 The Goal of OpenAI and the Future of AI 18:21 The Impact of AI on Human Capabilities 22:01 The Future of AI: Intelligent Assistants 26:26 The Role of AI in Automation and Job Efficiency 29:45 The Human-Machine Interface and the Future of AI 31:46 The Importance of Human Control in AI 33:13 The Need for AGI Regulation 33:40 Embracing Technology Without Losing Humanity

You can also listen to this keynote speech on Spotify, Apple Podcast and SoundCloud or directly below. I hope you enjoy this one:)





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