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My keynote at Future Tense 2023 in Croatia: Executive Summary and Conclusions

Future Tense 2023

Earlier this year I presented a keynote at the amazing Future Tense Conference 2023 in Zagreb, Croatia. Komunikacijski Laboratorij just released their executive summary of this year's conference.

The main topics of my speech were:

  • Green is the new digital
  • People, planet, purpose, and prosperity
  • Invest as much in humanity as you invest in technology!

00:00 – Intro 00:39 – I'm very optimistic about global warming and climate change 02:15 – The machines will take our jobs and then harvest our bodies for energy 04:41 – The 3 Revolutions: Digital, Sustainability and Purpose 13:35 – If you work like a robot, the robot will take your job 23:18 – Oil and gas is becoming a crime scene 26:47 – Green is the new digital 35:51 – Societies are driven by their technology, but not defined by their humanity 45:30 – All tech companies should consider the technocratic oath

“What do we need to define the good future? Technology ALONE will not save the day. Because we already have great technology, and we as well use it wrong. We need telos, we need wisdom in order to collaborate and know how to deal with the enormous power of today`s technology. It is my wish to get all the tech companies to have to sign the Technocratic Oath, like doctors do, saying “I hereby pledge to place humanity over technology in every decision” Gerd Leonhard





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