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My keynote at the Investforum South Africa, in JoBurg and CPT, with Captions

This is my complete keynote from the Investment Forum 2024 in Johannesburg and Capetown, South Africa, see… in March 2024. This talk was produced and performed virtually, in 9072 pixels super-wide format – it looked truly amazing (imho).

A big THANKS to the Collaborative Exchange for inviting me.

Topics covered in this talk: The current state of the world seems like an antidote to the very idea of ‘The Good Future', and many people around the world – especially GenY – are deeply worried about the future. Gerd Leonhard begs to differ, proposing that while we are truly at a fork in the road in human history (climate change, AI, geopolitics and more) and while some things may get worse before they get better, we are actually making exponential leaps in scientific and technological innovation that will allow us to create a good future – if we can also adapt the economic paradigm of the 4Ps:people, planet, purpose and prosperity. Gerd will show that we will have all the tools we need- we ‘just' need more ‘telos' (wisdom, collaboration and purpose), taking the audience on a journey through the 3 revolutions: digital (AI), sustainable and human / purpose, and sharing his observations for the world by 2030. The Future is better than we think!





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