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New keynote video: Navigating the Future – A Blueprint for Technology and Humanity (IBM Tech 2024 Dubai)

In this hard-hitting presentation at IBM's Tech Recognition event in Dubai, March 5 & 6, 2024, I talked about the critical importance of optimism about the future, not because we have less problems, but because our enhanced capabilities to solve them through technological innovation AND the right policies and ethical frameworks. (View or download this talk on Vimeo)

I delve into the potential and perils of technological advancements like #artificialintelligence and biotechnology, underscoring the necessity of contemplating their ethical implications and societal impacts. I caution against a future that places technology at its core without careful consideration of its purpose or the collective good it needs to yield, with special emphasis on the urgent need to combat climate change and adopt sustainable practices.

I argue for shifting the focus from the mere feasibility of technological innovation to understanding the “why” behind their use, suggesting a preference for what I call “intelligent assistance” aka IA over autonomous intelligence (AGI) This would foster a future where technology complements human efforts towards common goals, emphasizing the ethical responsibilities of tech companies and the significance of ideas such as the “International Artificial Intelligence Agency” IAIA (as well as the EU's new AI Act). I posit that the choices we make today will define our future, advocating for a transition towards ‘full stack economics' that values people, the planet, purpose, and prosperity equally. I encourage driving technology development that benefits humanity collectively, envisioning a future where “awesome humans” leverage “amazing technology” not just for advancement, but for the betterment of society.

00:00 An Optimistic Future and what about #openai ?

00:53 Greetings and Gerd's Personal Journey into the Future

02:19 The Power of AI and the Future of Work

10:06 The Three Revolutions

23:26 Technology's Impact and its Ethical Dilemma

27:49 Exploring the Ethical Boundaries of AI

28:34 The Future of AI: Possibilities and Pitfalls

31:25 Humanizing AI: A Path Towards Ethical Integration

35:54 The Role of AI in Enhancing Human Capabilities

44:48 Ethics and the Future of AI: NThe wolf you feed is the wolf that wins!

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