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New Gerd Leonhard keynote: The Good Future: The doors aren’t closing – they’re opening!

Here is my entire keynote from Emerson Exchange EMEA 2024. Thank you to EMERSON for inviting me and for making this video available. In this talk, I delve into the profound impacts of exponential technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and synthetic biology. We will see more change in the next decade than in the past century!

I advocate for collaborative innovation focusing on humanity, empathy, and ethics. Discussing the growth of ‘digital intelligence', I stress the importance of maintaining humanity in design and decision-making, to ensure technological advancements align ethically and further human flourishing.

  • 00:00 The Dawn of a New Era: AI and Beyond
  • 00:07 The Urgency of Change: 2024 and Beyond
  • 00:29 The Four Major Shifts in Technology
  • 08:25 The Future of Jobs in the AI Era
  • 18:40 The Green Revolution: Sustainability and AI
  • 26:53 Human-Machine Symbiosis?
  • 27:47 Exploring the Evolution of User Interfaces
  • 28:13 Showcasing Innovations: AI in Video Creation and Customer Service
  • 29:00 New Dimensions in AI Interaction
  • 31:46 The Future of Work, powered by AI: Enhancing Human Capabilities
  • 32:21 AI's Impact on Routine Jobs and the Importance of Human Skills
  • 37:09 Navigating the Ethical Landscape of AI and Technology





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