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Gerd Leonhard’s new super-keynote format: Warsaw Futurist of the year event, April 11, 2024 (video and slides)

In this powerful, 180-degree-LED-walls-location, cinemax-like keynote, I addressed the impact of artificial intelligence on education, work, and jobs. Filmed in Warsaw at the Futurist of the Year event, on April 11, 2024, the session provides a riveting analysis of how AI is shaping knowledge work, education and other sectors and what it all means for education institutions.

More about this amazing event (and thanks to the organisers for making this video available).

Go to @SzkolaKopernika and @futuristoftheyear for more videos!


  • AI's Influence in Education: Examination of AI’s integration into educational practices.
  • Work Trends: Overview of how AI and automation are altering job roles and necessary skills.
  • Job Creation through Innovation: Discussion on emerging job types due to technological progress.
  • Ethical Considerations of AI: Consideration of ethical standards in the growing presence of AI.
  • We are to be architects of the future, not its victims!
  • If you work like a robot, a robot will take your job!
  • Embrace technology but don't become it.

00:00 Introduction to Futurism 01:08 The Power of ChatGPT and the Future of Knowledge Work 03:16 Three Revolutions Shaping Our World 07:13 Exploring the Depths of Artificial Intelligence 15:23 The Impact of AI on Society and Trust 28:03 Navigating the Future: Humans vs. Machines 31:03 Redefining Education in the AI Era 31:36 Bolstering Human Intelligence and Creativity 35:00 The Evolution of AI: From Assistance to Autonomy (IA / AGI) 41:28 The Future of Work: Automation, Jobs, and Education 48:16 The Ethical Dilemmas of Advanced AI 56:21 Envisioning a Future with Balanced Human and Technological Growth

If you want to see an excerpt of this keynote speech, watch this snippet I call, AI: Exponential Cognification, Augmentation, Virtualization

00:00 The Exponential Growth of Technology 00:42 The Impact on Knowledge Work and Education 01:44 Explaining Cognification and Augmentation 02:34 Exploring Virtualization and Virtuality 03:29 AI: The New General Purpose Technology





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