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Gerd Leonhard on: The 3 Revolutions reshaping Manufacturing & Sustainability. EIT Vienna (Insight PDF)

The 3 Revolutions shaping the future of manufacturing – via INSIGHT PDF below

Technological synergy – These revolutions are not isolated phenomena but interconnected forces driving manufacturing into uncharted territory. The convergence of technologies such as quantum computing, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy heralds a new era of limitless possibility.

Watch Gerd's keynote presentation at EIT Manufacturing days 2023 in Vienna here:

Gerd's talk

Decoupling economic growth from carbon – Achieving decoupling on a global scale necessitates collaboration among nations, particularly between developed and developing countries. Financial investment and technological support must flow from wealthier nations to those with emerging economies, enabling them to adopt cleaner and more efficient technologies.





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