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New: Video of my keynote at Cap Gemini’s Spark Europe 2024: The Good Future

I think you'll love this one!

This is an edited recording of a pretty hard-hitting (imho:) and immersive widescreen keynote at Spark Europe 2024 in Versailles see

My talk is about #thegoodfuture and how we can design and build it, together.

With the rise of #artificialintelligence (and the quickly approaching AGI scenarios) we stand at an extraordinary junction where almost anything seems possible – and this could be heaven or it could be hell (see #hellven). The question is no longer what we can be (do), but what we want to be.

Drawing from my 2021 film ‘The Good Future‘ I dive into the challenging realities we face, from the dominance of AI to the urgent climate crisis. I explore both the negative, dystopian outlook such as increased emissions and the decline of democracy, as well as the positive strides, such the green future revolution and nuclear fusion. Through it all, I emphasize the importance of human intelligence to navigate the ethical and societal dimensions of these technological advancements.

Finally, I present a balanced perspective on how we can build a ‘good future' by prioritizing people, planet, purpose, and prosperity over mere profit and growth – “full stack economics” vs outdated hyper-capitalism or technocracy. Let's move fast and fix things (not break things) and become the architects of a sustainable, equitable future.

00:00 Introduction: Why thinking about the Future is essential

01:09 The Bad Future: Challenges and Concerns

02:21 The Good Future: Opportunities and Innovations

05:13 AI and Human Intelligence / HI: A Necessary Balance

07:41 The Role of Technology in Society

12:33 Ethics and Regulation in the Age of AI

25:10 Conclusion: Building #thegoodfuture Together





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