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Aline is a visionary thinker and innovator dedicated to fostering “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action.” With over 25 years of experience, she empowers individuals and organizations to rethink their mental maps and reshape their landscapes.

Aline’s unique approach equips people with the power and freedom to change how and what they think, thereby asserting their individual and collective agency over the Future. Her expertise lies in challenging commonly held beliefs and perceptions, encouraging the exploration of uncharted territories with imagination and vision.

She is the co-author of the renowned books “Business Model Generation” and “Shapership: The Art of Shaping the Future” (highlighted in New York Weekly

Shapership is a concept and a set of practices she and her partner invented which delves into the dynamics of paradigm shifts and transformative thinking. Aline’s work highlights how mental maps shape the landscape, guiding her audience to question “routine thinking”, imagine and articulate transformative possibilities for the Future and reinvent our organisations, politics and lives.

Instead of trying to “solve problems,” Aline helps teams to “dissolve them” by inventing radically different, alternative meaning-making stories of the future based on completely different worldviews and values. These new narratives are in tune with the imperatives of the world and include our aspirations and hopes.

As a dynamic speaker, ad-wiser and thought leader, Aline supports the conscious and intentional shift from MAD Land (leading to Massive Assured Destruction) to NO MAD Land (based on Mutually Assisted Development).

Aline speaks at conferences about “Futures Thinking”, “Shapership: The art of Shaping the Future”, “Creative thinking”, “Perceptions needed to navigate an uncertain world”, “Innovate to preserve the status quo or to invent the Future”, “Strategy in uncertaintimes”, “Strategy as discovery”, “Jazz and the art of collaboration”.

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Aline Frankfort's Videos: Aline on Gerdtalks 12 august 1 2022, Why there is hope

TEDX Mulhouse 2014: 20 minutes on perceptions needed to navigate uncertainty

Jazz & Management: a new Art of Collaboration (9 minutes)

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