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K D Adamson



  • Geopolitics
  • Society
  • Climate & environment
  • Economics
  • Technology & digitalisation
  • AI
  • Future of business & enterprise value creation & transformation

Leading female Futurist & Ecocentrist, Author, Keynote, Adviser & Presenter

Renegade futurist and ecocentrist K D Adamson deconstructs the techno-optimist narrative, showing tomorrow isn’t a tech problem, it’s a value problem, and other futures are available. 

On stage and screen, in print, and in organizations around the globe, she challenges assumptions, offering truly world-changing ideas and perspectives on geopolitics and society, the environment, economics, technology, business, and enterprise.

Sharp, funny and straight-talking her inspirational performances have been described as a TED talk on steroids and a Tarantino movie where no one died.

Keynote Topics

  1. NOBLEIZATION – The future of business
    The dawning of a New Moral Age where profit is not the only metric is undermining the foundations of business. ESG, Agility, purpose-led business and the blue, green and circular economy will all be crucial. The future is not globalization but nobleization, and it demands a bold vision inspired by purpose, articulated authentically, executed consistently and translated effectively into sustainable, generative momentum. From re-booting digital transformation to re-calibrating value, re-imagining competition to re-defining innovation companies must create holistic and dynamic sustainable transformation strategies, which are resistant to prolonged uncertainty and encompass not just technology and digitalization but cultural resilience and depth.
  2. Age of Undiscovery
    The future has gotten stuck in the past, but old certainties are crumbling and what replaces them won’t be determined by technology.
  3. Taking the Red Pill
    Most data isn’t new, and it’s used to sell us stuff. Covid-19 exposed how little we know, and the opportunity for us to change that.
  4. The Global Syndemic
    A synergy of co-occurring epidemics in economics, health, ecology, and technology means our global system is about to stall.
  5. Invent Horizon
    The global economy was a great start-up, but it won’t scale, so innovation has to be jettisoned in favour of invention.
  6. The New Moral Age
    Purpose, eligibility, equity and business value are being redefined by zero-tolerance New Crusaders for our New Moral Age.
  7. The Ashes & The Flame
    A New Value Nexus, causative leadership, ESG, and the Great P.I.V.O.T is about to make legacy business culture and leadership obsolete.
  8. The F-Word
    FREE is a four-letter word abused by the global Suggestion Economy destroying our collective understanding of value and values.
  9. The WHealth Ecosystem
    Food, health, and finance are market failures unfit for the New Moral Age, Caveat Venditor will create a net-new WHealth ecosystem.

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