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10 diabolical businesses Google could launch (Via Steve Faktor and Linkedin)

Good read – makes you think about how technology needs to connect to ethics…

Employment & Credit Screening. Great companies start with great people. But what if your candidate has a drug problem, weird fetish, or massive gun collection? Almost every person on the planet has typed their deepest darkest secrets into Google. Whether it’s Search, Gmail, Calendar, or Analytics, Google can build a better profile of you than your own family. Why not use that information to screen job candidates? Sure Google can start with its own employees, but the real money is in offering the service to other companies. Imagine a world of pristine cubicles, free of excessive noise, odd smells and pathological brown-nosers… same logic applies to credit scoring. Google’s people profiles could easily replace or supplement your credit score. Lenders use it. So do landlords and cell phone companies. Every neighborhood can be perfect again, just like everything was in the 1950’s.





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