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Why Higher Education Cannot Resist Disruptive Change (something interesting I just read)

“This brings us to the future of higher education. Its situation is much the same as that of the news media. Content, often of high quality, can be produced by a multiplicity of knowledge organizations, including libraries, museums, software makers, think tanks, and media companies, among others. Talent (professors and other knowledge workers) are free agents. Distribution can be face to face, online, or a blended version of the two. Exhibition can occur on a campus owned by a college or on a digital device owned by the consumer.

The lesson for higher education is that, unlike the studios that resisted the arrival of sound and perpetuated a previous technology, it cannot cling to an analog history. Institutions can’t wait until they are dragged into the digital world. The greater danger is that they will be pushed out as were newspapers.”

Why Higher Education Cannot Resist Disruptive Change

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