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New podcast: Gerd Leonhard and Peter Van on Chapter 3 of “Technology vs Humanity: The Megashifts”

A good talk! New podcast on the key themes set forth my book Technology vs Humanity, chapter 3, entitled The Megashifts”. The Megashifts include digitisation, automation, datafication, virtualisation, robotisation, and others (for a total of 10), and understanding them is the ticket to future success. This includes questions such as “What are Key Human Indicators?” and “What is real and what is not?” The bottom line: as we head into exponential change, we must also collaborate to address ethics, culture, and values. Otherwise, it is certain that technology will gradually then suddenly become the purpose of our lives, rather than the tool to discover the purpose.

Download the free MEGASHIFTS chapter from my 2016 book Technology vs. Humanity, here.

Download the MP3 (right click, save as): » Podcast Chapter 3 TVH peter and gerd [Gerd Leonhard. MP3 36 MB

Another podcast on the Megashifts

Megashifts video






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