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The Troubling Trajectory Of Technological Singularity (good read via Forbes)

We're hurtling towards the future at an alarming pace. As I like to say, humanity will change more in the next two decades than it has in the previous 300 years. The technological singularity is set to change everything –  but should it change who WE are?

I was reading Jayshree Pandya's piece, ‘The Troubling Trajectory of Technological Singularity' on Forbes today, and one particular quote caught my attention:

“The technology triggered intelligence evolution in machines and the linkages between ideas, innovations and trends have in fact brought us on the doorsteps of singularity. Irrespective of whether we believe that the singularity will happen or not, the very thought raises many concerns and critical security risk uncertainties for the future of humanity,” writes Pandya. “This forces us to begin a conversation with ourselves and with others (individually and collectively) about what we want as a species.”

Yes! Fantastic! It's heartening that Pandya is bringing the dialogue back to what is most important: humanity. It's easy to be swept up in the fascination of technological possibilities associated with singularity – the ‘Global Brain‘, heightened senses, infinite knowledge – but as I always I ask, how can we remain human? What must we do to ensure that our ethics and integrity are maintained?

Read the full article, here.





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