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Digital Ethics: looking beyond the bottom line (interview with Gerd Leonhard at Emirates Litfest)

On the occasion of the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature where Gerd presented “Technology Vs Humanity”, Gerd was speaking with Arabian BusinessShayan Shakeel about how he is telling governments to consider technology as a tool to truly transform and add collective human value, rather than to chase efficiency.

Here is the full article, plus a small selection of the top quotes from Gerd:

“A Digital Ethics Council is basically a collection of wise people who look beyond the money toward what is best for humanity. Because if you only look at the bottom line then you will always do things that are not necessarily going to be good for everyone.”

“This is region is not going to be like Silicon Valley or Singapore. It has to plant its own flag. And that will mean being more proactive.”

“Currently, there is always a short-term idea of promoting the location. But imagine if Dubai did incorporate an ethics council. That would be a truly big message because it would be looking at things a bit further. Ethics does not involve just being digital but human rights and the environment. This is a much bigger story.”

Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan

Here is the audio version of Gerd's talk in Dubai on Saturday March 2, at the Emirates Litfest 2019 in Dubai. The audio volume is a bit low on this, sorry:)

Download the MP3 (50MB): gerd leonhard technology vs humanity at dubai litfest 2019







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