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Does the Internet know too much about you? Meet The New Organs project

Can our devices be controlled? Are microphones and cameras being turned on without our knowledge?

Though a definitive answer is hard to explain; Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne teamed up to create The New Organs— an online project showing what it's like to live under digital surveillance.

“The New Organs is a project to gather, archive and investigate the theories and realities of corporate surveillance. Over the past year, we've collected stories about weird online ads — ads that seem to know too much, as well as your theories of why you might be seeing them. Using these stories as a starting point, we’ve investigated the details of how internet companies monitor, exploit and manipulate us in an attempt to understand how surveillance capitalism operates.”


Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan

Other Resources: a video of Gerd with Yuri VanGeest from 2015, already anticipating what we see today.





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