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Month: January 2020

Read my new contribution: 2020 Will Bring A New Renaissance – Humanity Over Technology

Perhaps in the industrial age and even in the so-called information society we’ve been pretending to be inhuman all along, to be ‘better machines’ - and now it’s time to give up the act: Our ultimate job is to be human. As the third decade of the twenty-first century kicks off, let’s transcend our love-affair with ‘digital transformation’ and ‘exponential technologies’ and rediscover what it means to be human.

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USEFUL HUMANS: Gerd Leonhard on the future of work, jobs, education and training

This article accompanies today's release of my new film “How the Future Works”. First, I’ll show what’s happening right now, and why I think it’s urgent to ponder the future of work, jobs, education and training. Then I’ll talk about what we, personally, can do: and lastly I’ll lay out what governments and societies need to do to ensure that our future will be mostly heaven.

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