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Video, audio, slides and polls from our digital conference on leadership during crisis, April 16 2020

Great event today, approx. 220 people and a lot of good interaction.

With Didier Marlier, Celine Schillinger and Gerd Leonhard

We are in a deep and utterly challenging crisis. I have started calling this ‘The Great Transformation‘.  Basically, there is a time before Covid19, and there’s a time after Covid19. Leadership is even more mission-critical now – both personally and professionally. Covid-19 presents us all – political, civil, community and & business leaders – with a never seen before Transformation Challenge: How should we react to this remarkably adaptive, fast-spreading and vexing adversary, all-too-often amplified by human complacency, incompetencecarelessness and selfishness? (Read Noah Yuval Harari’s juicy comment on leadership during covid19 via, and visit my new post-corona-future hub).

Clean version of the Livestream. Download the entire MP4 via Wetransfer.

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