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Announcing The Fork In The Road Project – Please Join Us!

Today, I am delighted to invite all interested readers, friends, clients and fellow futurists to consider and join an important new initiative. Together with 2 other esteemed longtime friends, futurists and co-initiators, Glen Hiemstra and David Houle, I recently started an exciting new project named after Buckminster Fuller's meme “The Fork in the Road“. The idea of The Fork In The Road Project is to use bold futuristic narratives, deep skills in foresight and unique story-telling powers to dramatically accelerate the global debate on the following 4 issues (and others, tbd):

  1. Dealing with the climate crisis so that humans and all life can continue to flourish
  2. Designing new economic and political frameworks, based on sustainable principles 
  3. Managing exponential, scientific and technological progress
  4. Governing human enhancement, longevity, and human genome editing so that progress continues while consequences are carefully considered

Many people have asked why we would launch something like this when we already have the likes of the WEF, the Millennium Project and of course the U.N. driving very similar agendas. The answer is that we believe that, as experienced futurists, authors, speakers, visionaries and story-tellers, we can add a lot of firepower to increasing the urgency of these issues, while providing a hopeful and positive outlook on how we can actually create ‘the good future'.

On that note, one of our key memes is also derived from Buckminster Fuller: “We will have all the tools (science and tech) – we just need to have the telos (will, purpose, wisdom)”.  We believe that we can make a fundamental difference in this regard, and intend to do so by publishing thoughtful articles, creating videos, films and other media, and organizing virtual as well as real-life events and ‘Forker' experiences.

You can read the draft manifesto here and check out the latest blog posts here on Medium.  Most importantly, however, your support as an official signatory would be a great contribution, right now. No commitment in terms of time-spent is required at the moment, all you need to do is to read and – if in agreement – sign the manifesto.  

And yes, it not just be 3 older white guys at the helm – we have already gathered many other signatories specifically with a view on diversity and inclusion – and we will publish our lists shortly, here.

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