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Moving beyond the Corona Crisis: New segment from my new “What to expect from 2021” video series


New Video from the "What to expect for 2021" Series

In this video I share my various insights, foresight and hunches on what 2021 may bring, and what they may mean for businesses, governments, and individuals going forward, discussing topics such as:

-The challenges of regulating increasingly powerful technology companies

-Changing the Internet’s current ‘surveillance capitalism’ business model

-Why privacy is becoming a luxury, and why that’s not a good idea

-Why too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing (especially when it’s about technology)

Watch and download on Vimeo, view the whole series on Youtube.


2020 was a disruptive and massively confusing year for everyone, personally, and for every business and every organization, as well. 2021 will hopefully see a rebound of a sort – yet I think we are not going back to ‘normal’, ever. In fact, I think that the next decade will bring more change (good and not so good) then the previous 100 years – we’re at a FORK in the ROAD towards either utopia or oblivion. We have all the tools but will we have the telos (will, wisdom, purpose)?

Check out the Fork In The Road Project

“We are not going back to normal!” And ‘Normal’ wasn’t good enough to begin with. Covid19 is a trial-run for climate change. Join me as I explore what the future may hold, what questions still need to be answered, and what it all means for organizations, individuals, and governments.

Listen to the full “What to Expect for 2021” playlist here or watch it here



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