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Announcing ‘GerdTalks’, my new live-streaming show on Youtube!

I am kicking off this year with a special new show called GerdTalks, a bi-weekly series of free LIVE events broadcasted via my YouTube channel (and probably on LinkedIn, soon, as well).

Each show features 15 minutes of fast-paced presenting on current yet future-relevant topics (such as this thing called the Metaverse), after which my viewers can interact with me via chat and messages (and twitter, soon, as well) and ask questions in real-time. I will also bring in some special guests from time to time.

Stay tuned and / or sign up for more details via Eventbrite or of course via Youtube (subscribe and hit the notify me – bell:).

I'll be using the new YoloBox Pro live-streaming box – I found that it solves so many problems for me, and it's so easy to use for my online keynotes. The inaugural session's topic was ‘Future Mindset' and this is how it went, below (you can also watch or download the complete episode on Vimeo!)

This show will be geared especially to all my Youtube subscribers, social media followers, readers, and viewers. The next one will be on the #metaverse – or what I have started calling the MetaPERverse :).

I will present my thoughts on the ideas behind the metaverse aka what I call the MetaPERverse (approx. 15 minutes) and outline where I think this is going, followed by 20+ minutes of open q&a via Youtube chat / comments.

“The so-called metaverse is the latest and the boldest attempt to replace human relationships and experiences with highly monetizable simulations, reducing complex human life to data feeds, fancy graphics and AI-fuelled convenience: Consensual hallucinations sold as ‘human empowerment'. We should be careful what we wish for – such as to live in an ultra-convenient, amazing new world where we can be anyone and do anything – as we may find that our new virtual dwellings may seemingly allow us to gain a few new riches while endangering our very humanity and leading us away from real happiness”

The next session is happening January 31st at 6pm CET, 5pm UK, 12 noon EST, 9am PST, 10pm Dubai etc. Going forward you can subscribe to GerdTalks on YouTube. You can also sign up via to receive email updates etc.





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