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The Future of Education: Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s video for EduCanada


The Future of Education

Futurist Gerd Leonhard Video for EduCanada

Recently, I was invited by the Embassy of Canada in Switzerland to create this special presentation and promotional video discussing the Future of Education and to explore how Canada might be leading the way. Here are some of the key points I spoke about in the video. Watch the whole thing here: the Future of Education

The next Google will be in Education!   Watch the Future of Education

This quote by Isaac Asimov says it all: “That’s another trouble with education as we now have it. It is for the young, and people think of education as something that they can finish.”  We never really ‘finish’ education. This is where we’re going. We’re going to lifelong learning, online, remotely or in-person, or in any mixed mode… We’re going to learn forever. We’re going to continue to learn because graduation is just the beginning. Watch the Future of Education

I think some things can be learned really well on the screen and other ones, not at all. I sometimes compare it to dating – maybe you can get started with dating on a screen, but in the end you’re going to have to meet up in real-life!  You’re not going to hug a person in the computer, and you’re not going to marry a hologram.  We’re going to live in a world where it’s about both of those things: the EQ and the IQ. It’s going to be both depending of course what your talents are. But the EQ – the emotional quotient – is something that needs to grow. Watch the Future of Education

How and what we learn must adapt. Colleges and universities are scrambling to adapt to this, because the future is not going to be about rote ways of learning or memorization. It’s going to be about experiences, about transformation, about lifelong learning. And this is going to really matter when you think about your kids! Watch the Future of Education

What sets us apart from machines?  If you work like a robot, a robot will take your job. If you learn like a robot (downloading information for later,  finding patterns, zeros and ones in a binary way) you may never have a job, to begin with.  Our kids need to learn how to learn and learn for the future. Watch the Future of Education!

Watch the full video

The Future of Education by Gerd Leonhard

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