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The Future of Food – The Food of the Future: fascinating stuff!

“The Cultured Beef Project aims to create artificial meat in the laboratory. Technicians remove muscle cells from the shoulder of a cow, and feed the cells with a nutrient mix in a Petri dish, and they grow into muscle tissue. From a few starter cells one can derive tens of tons of meat. The whole world could be fed with meat from muscle cells grown in a lab.

In 2013 the cost of lab–grown meat for a hamburger was $325,000. By 2016 it had dropped to below $50. The biggest obstacle so far is not technology but the taste–that is unlike what people are used to because blood, fat, and connective tissue are missing. But researchers are working to improve that. The slogan of a similar company, Modern Meadow, says that the “future is cultured, not slaughtered”.”

The Future of Food – The Food of the Future – The Medical Futurist
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