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Why the IoT Will Give Rise To Artificial Intelligence (good read via Forbes )

“Chatbots have received some attention recently, as several large companies have announced progress in their development. The ultimate goal is for these to replace all other platforms across devices—covering laptops, tablets, smartphones, and everything else in IoT. Rather than opening a browser, searching for “Italian food” by area, and then clicking through websites, one would simply verbally request the nearest location with the highest ratings. The chatbot would do all of the work and produce an answer. This kind of interaction and immediate response places much more power in the hands of the consumer than ever before. Though some may read this and assume Siri has it covered, she’s a long way from the true potential of this arena. An individual’s work, personal projects, social contacts, and family calendars could all be connected and accessible through a chatbot. This could revolutionize the way people function in relation to their devices.”

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