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Future trends – What should we be ready for?

Warp drive into the future

What are the biggest future trends we have to get ready for today and how do we best prepare for them? These are the questions I discussed with fellow futurist and author Bernard Marr.

A LinkedIn Live conversation with Bernard Marr

“An increasing amount of scientific work will eventually be done by AI and smart machines; therefore, we must place the development of human-only skills and capabilities center-stage. Creativity, understanding, negotiation, questioning, emotions, intuition, and imagination will be more important than ever before—whatever cannot be digitized, automated, or virtualized will become extremely valuable.” (from my book Technology vs Humanity Chapter 12)

Skills: Today vs. Tomorrow (via Mc Kinsey)

“The Future doesn't just fall down on us. We make the Future; by action or by inaction”

10 key foresights on our immediate, in/post-crisis future: BigTech, BigHealth, BigState, Big Media, Big Green

The Future is better than what we think. “…Despite these moral challenges and the fact that some people will undoubtedly lose their jobs due to automation and robotization, Leonhard remains optimistic about the future. “We’re going into a world that is mind-bogglingly different, but we shouldn’t fear it,” he said. “We should be careful, not stupid.”Via Security info watch Science fiction quickly becoming science fact, by Joel Griffin

If you're curious to find out more about what 2021 may bring, in more detail, I invite you to watch my brand new video series “What to expect for 2021”.

Part of the “What to expect for 2021” video series on my YouTube channel
The Future is no longer a time-frame; it's a mindset

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