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Language Teaching and Education after Covid-19: Audio Podcast of my Keynote at KOTESOL 2021

How to develop a Future Mindset? Some of the topics I discussed at the KOTESOL 2021 Virtual International Conference included why the end of routine does not mean the end of work, and why smart machines will not replace great English teachers.

The next 10 years in Technology and Society – and what it means for ESL / ELT (English as second language – teachers), education and work.
Education After Covid-19 via McKinsey

“With this multi-layered understanding of capital, the value of investment in areas like education, skills training, and the environment becomes impossible to ignore. This is just one of the inspiring and sensible models we discuss in our book.” An interview with Klaus Schwab – Project Syndicate. Read more

Welcome to the great transformation ushered in by Covid-19. We are going warp-drive into the future, gradually then suddenly. In the video below I am outlining the key trends for the next 10 years, why we are at a Fork in the Road, and what Education should look like, going forward.

Future Talk 2020 Bern – Keynote on Education and Foresight

Here's a related quote from my book “Technology vs Humanity”: “We will of course see some new jobs being created that did not previously exist, such as human-machine interface designers, cloud biologists, artificial intelligence (AI) supervisors, human genome analysts, and personal privacy managers. However, hundreds of millions of commodity-work roles and routine jobs, will be gone forever— particularly those that are mostly repetitive, and that do not require many human-only skills such as negotiation, creativity, or empathy. The question is not if but when.
We now need to realize how exponentially fast this change is likely to happen, and what it could mean for education, learning, training, government strategies, social benefit systems, and public policies around the globe.” From my book “Technology Vs. Humanity”. You can read more here

Find out more about the buzz around “Technology Vs. Humanity” here

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