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Time to move up the Pyramid of Work: From information and data to understanding, purpose, wisdom

Our ultimate job is to be HUMAN

The future of work and jobs is becoming a hot-potato topic as the Megashifts such as automation, cognification, robotisation and virtualisation loom large – and now these trends are seriously accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, as well. This is especially true in manufacturing and other manual labor-heavy industries where robots are quickly outperforming and replacing human workers that used to do routine tasks.

So what will be the impact on employment, and what do we need to do to get ready? What skills will we need, and what character traits will need to be boosted? How does secondary education need to change as a result? Will the ‘End of Routine‘ really mean the end of human jobs, or will it be just the end of some of our tasks? Will new “human-only” jobs emerge following the increased efficiency and productivity afforded by automation?

The Future of Work and #Automation​: Keynote Excerpt #tigo​ Colombia

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Here's a related quote from my book “Technology vs Humanity“: “Technology and humanity must both be on the curriculum; indeed science and philosophy belong in the same classroom. A balanced society will require expertise in both domains; otherwise, we will continue to tilt the playing field towards machine thinking. In addition, an increasing amount of scientific work will eventually be done by AI and smart machines; therefore, we must place the development of human-only skills and capabilities center-stage. Creativity, understanding, negotiation, questioning, emotions, intuition, and imagination will be more important than ever before—whatever cannot be digitized, automated, or virtualized will become extremely valuable.” You can read more here.





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