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Fortune Greece Interview with Gerd Leonhard: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity – and the Future of Greece


Fortune Greece Talks with Futurist Gerd Leonhard

This interview took place in the context of CEO Initiative Workshop in Nemea

GIANNIS MASTROGEORGIOU: “You have mentioned that the industrial and agricultural revolutions led to significant changes in human labor and prosperity. I believe that we will face something similar in the midst of the digital revolution, which will be fuelled by innovations such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics. One of your phrases that I find really fascinating is “The new human renaissance“. Can we talk about that?

GERD: “We are heading for the next two revolutions. One is the revolution of sustainability – Green everything.  And the other is the human revolution, which is the biological revolution of humanity. We can soon change who you are, what you are, using virtual and augmented reality, of course, but also the very makeup of people through genetic engineering. This may be a bit further away.  The good news is that you will probably have all the tools we need to solve practical problems. But technology will not solve our cultural and social problems, because these are policy issues and human problems. As Buckminster Fuller said, “We have all the right technology, but we use it for the wrong reasons.” Read more on Fortune Greece IN GREEK

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GIANNIS MASTROGEORGIOU: How can we convince the people of institutions and companies and say to them: “Look, we are not going to return to normalcy, business as usual is dead“.

GERD: “Every businessman, every leader, every politician is also a human being. And as a human being s/he feels, he sees. And what you are feeling right now is that everything is being challenged. Everything is up for discussion. And things that once worked no longer work. You can safely say that the covid crisis has shown that you can only be successful if you are all successful. In other words, if Africa is 0.3% vaccinated and you are at 70%, that still puts everyone else at risk. The vaccines may well no longer work because other people will not have been vaccinated. So I think CEOs realize that collective prosperity can not be achieved by saying “I make a lot of money, I pay my taxes, and everything is fine.” Sustainable capitalism requires reorientation, and all this will happen in the next ten years.” Read more on Fortune Greece IN GREEK

GIANNIS MASTROGEORGIOU “Let’s get back to business, Gerd. What is the biggest challenge facing CEOs and organizations? They want to adapt to the new era, but they are afraid of developments.”

GERD: “There is a long list of challenges. But you are in the transition from profit maximization to flexibility, resilience, creativity and imagination. Thus, companies will focus on reinvention. The biggest challenge for CEOs right now is that they are under a lot of pressure to reinvent themselves and their organization. The future mindset requires about an hour a day of experimentation, reading new things. This is a huge stress when you are already working 18 hours a day. Thus, for CEOs, the review requires an Open Mind, a change of mentality, what I call the “future mindset”. Read more on Fortune Greece IN GREEK

GIANNIS MASTROGEORGIOU: “What are the key skills to be able to keep up with developments over the next 20 years?”

GERD: “When it comes to skills, it’s really about character and personality. There is a saying among futurists (many people copy Peter Drucker): “Culture eats technology for breakfast“. In the end, your success will be based on your company’s culture, your country and your personality. When you talk about skills, of course you have to have skills in the use of technologies, in the management of knowledge. But it also has to do with your personality. And that means that you have to be curious, you have to be open, you have to find your imagination, you have to feel, you have to try to understand things, and not just think or reason. It takes talent, personality and emotional intelligence.” Read more on Fortune Greece IN GREEK

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