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Here is the video of my keynote at Mundira Begira 2021: A look at where the world is heading #mustwatch

It was a great pleasure to be in Bilbao/ Spain (yes, in person!!) for a keynote at Mundira Begira 2021 on Nov 10 2021; on the topic of “The Great Transformation: Technology, Climate Change and Health”

Both Spanish Over-Dubs and the original English versions are now available.

The future is no longer about tomorrow – The future is a MINDSET. And the key question we have to ask ourselves is- what future do we want?

Spanish dub version
English original version

Also available as Audio-Only version on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple and Amazon Podcasts.

Download the pdf with my graphics / ‘slides':

More on the topics mentioned in this talk: The DDR and The Good Future

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