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The Metaverse…worse than Social Media? Gerd’s comments on a great Big Think piece by Louis Rosenberg

In a recent article on Big Think Louis Rosenberg (the augmented reality inventor) warns it could be far worse than social media”. I couldn't agree more.

“This means AR, more than any form of media to date, has the potential to alter our sense of reality, distorting how we interpret our direct daily experiences. In an augmented world, simply walking down the street will become a wild amalgamation of the physical and the virtual, merged so convincingly that the boundaries will disappear in our minds. Our surroundings will become filled with persons, places, objects, and activities that don’t actually exist, and yet they will seem deeply authentic to us.” Read more via Big Think

“Imagine walking down the street in your hometown, casually glancing at people you pass on the sidewalk. It is much like today, except floating over the heads of every person you see are big glowing bubbles of information. Maybe the intention is innocent, allowing people to share their hobbies and interests with everyone around them. Now imagine that third parties can inject their own content, possibly as a paid filter layer that only certain people can see.” Via Big Think

“With AR, personal information will follow us everywhere, exposing our behaviors and reducing our privacy. Will this make the world a better place? I don’t think so, and yet this is where we are headed.” Via Big Think

“But AR also will make us even more dependent on the insidious layers of technology that mediate our lives and the powerbrokers that control those layers. This will leave us increasingly susceptible to manipulations and distortions by those who can afford to pull the strings.” Via Big Think

“A 50-year-old in a Barbie avatar walks straight from her Second Life Dream House to’s VR boutique, where she purchases digital mascara with gold earned in World of Warcraft.”

in ‘The Metaverse Is Simply Big Tech, but Bigger' It’s a rebrand of Silicon Valley's increasing power and reach. And it’s made for companies, not people. Via Wired

In Chapter 6 of my book “Technology vs Humanity” I talk about ‘the magic explosion':

Once what I like to call the magic quotient is upped exponentially, these until-now latent problems regarding the abuse or evil use of a given technology will become magnified—perhaps exponentially— again, gradually then suddenly. While I am still optimistic about our collective abilities to channel the power of exponential technologies, I am also concerned that, in almost every instance of exponential and combinatorial change, there is a real risk that we may go from magic to manic to toxic in a very short timeframe.

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