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Former Cisco Futurist Dave Evans on being a Futurist… and the key future trends

Nice piece in (one of my fav new destinations for great stories) on Dave's work and what he learned while he was a futurist at Cisco. Here are some snippets:

I often get asked how I predict the future. Let’s be clear: Predicting the future is impossible. In fact, being a futurist is less about predicting the future and more about understanding where the world is now and where it will be tomorrow. (Feel free to ditch those crystal balls.) It’s impossible to exactly predict how technology will impact our lives 10, 20, and even 30 years from now. However, there are several proven techniques that narrow down the countless possibilities to prognosticate a probable future.

And here are his 5 predictions ( really made me think)
• A child born today will conservatively live 200 years. Their children will live significantly longer and possibly indefinitely, barring fatal accidents.
• In the early 2020s, “wearables” will be replaced by “implantables,” which will be supplanted by “replaceables.”
• By the mid-2020s, futurists will be out of jobs. Machines will do all the predicting, and do it more accurately than even the best human futurists ever did. (Gerd adds: that will happen by 2020 I agree… see my previous post)
• By the mid-2030s, lab-grown meat will be eaten by more people than organic meat.
• By the mid-2040s, you will have at least one device inside you that is always connected to the Internet, most likely in the form of a brain implant.





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